Oxford Square - Alcohol related assault reduction

Although this research project is not advocating a designing out crime approach to solutions, this is an interesting set of design ideas to reduce alcohol related assaults in Sydney. These solutions are designed to address the factors contributing to these assaults, including: crowding, high alcohol consumption, hostile environments and transport limitations.

Side walk extensions would reduce crowding and the creation of taxi rank waiting area seating on both sides of the road, would provide a physical barrier to the road and reduce illegal crossing under the influence of alcohol. A 'water wall' would allow revelers to re-hydrate between clubs and address the overly expensive water purchase price in venues. LED lighting schemes could also provide a happier atmosphere reducing aggression / confrontation.

Also in Springfield Plaza, Illuminated seating, Water Bubblers, Fun bins and Planter boxes were proposed. Detail of these ideas can be found here: http://www.designingoutcrime.com/research-centre/project/88