January 2014

This month I have finished the journey maps (V1.0), which after review will be used to make contact with key stakeholders to facilitate a dialogue. This site has also developed further, with the journey maps uploaded and pages created for key issues / findings relating to the complex web of issues that this research is grappling with. 

I attended the sensing spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy. One exhibit, which was extremely interesting, was the participatory exhibit by Diebedo Francis Kere:

"I believe it is important to engage people in the process of building so they have an investment in what is developed. Through thinking and working together people find that the built object becomes part of a bonding experience."

Also this month I have been reading to understand the behaviours explored in the journey maps in more detail. With the view to begin developing drawings which can be cross referenced to look in more detail about existing support service processes and networks.