May 2014

During May I attended the 'Information is Beautiful' talk in Brighton. David McCandless discussed how he ‘mines’ raw data and presents it in such a way graphically that it reveals something new and intriguing. This talk was especially relevant to the development of the journey maps and how these might be re-worked to be understood more clearly for feedback to be obtained for the narratives.

I also attended 'Alcohol and Crime: How do we break the cycle?' at the RSA. This was a panel discussion and debate surrounding the issues which are current in the treatment of prisoners with alcohol dependence and how to ensure this does not lead to re-offending. One of the key points of this discussion was that the ability to treat these issues is hampered by a lack of funding and resources to develop new ways of addressing these problems.

The information for the university monitoring report was collated and the report written, alongside begging to develop one simpler and one more detailed journey map, from the initial one produced which focused on street drinking / alcohol misuse.