November 2013

This month I began to look into defining the terms of the investigation more carefully including: What is a vulnerable individual? What constitutes an urban realm? When does behaviour actually become anti-social? 

The journey maps were also developed further, simplifying the logos / colours and locating / distilling many real life case studies into three very specific, designed but 'authentic' personas.

I also explored the idea of targeting one of the personas to a support network in three locations - the North East, London and the South Coast.

I attended a talk at Kingston called ‘Garments for the Grave’ by Pia Interlandi, which was a presentation of a PhD research project which focused on designing garments for dressing bodies for burial. Particularly interesting was the way in which practice was the main driver in the research process. Also the way in which difficulties experienced during the project were addressed and overcome.

Finally I investigated the Dott07 manual for potential relevant project case studies, specifically DaSH. This project developed ideas to make sexual health services easier to access in Gateshead.