Alcohol articles

Several recent BBC articles relating to alcohol misuse:

Minimum unit price '50 times more effective' than alcohol floor price

Health researchers suggest that the introduction of a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol units would be upto 50 times more effective than the current Government policy.

Police should target troublesome drunks, A&E boss says

Dr Clifford Mann, president of the College of Emergency Medicine, suggests that the current 'softer approach' to anti-social drunkenness isn't working and the police should crack down on this behaviour to ensure that hospital staff are not treating these individuals and wasting resources.

Bristol 'drunk tank' stops 15 hospital admissions

Mobile 'Drunk tank' used in Bristol to treat people who have drunk too much alcohol. The idea being that it will free up hospital beds and ambulances. Early / brief intervention was also provided to individuals who were treated there.