Licence to Drink

An interesting article by Brian Kellett in the Guardian in 2012 suggested the introduction of a drinking licence. Similar to a licence to drive, incidents of anti-social behaviour and/or trips to the A&E department due to alcohol misuse would then incur ‘points’ on the drinking licence. If a certain number of points were accrued, the drinking licence could be revoked. The individual would then be unable to buy alcohol either in pubs / clubs or in supermarkets / off-licences. The big question with this solution is obviously that individuals, once their licence had been revoked may obtain alcohol through black market sources or just make it themselves. Interestingly a similar scheme been implemented in Australlia’s Northern territory where tough drinking laws have been implemented including the requirement for some communities to show their ID card for database checking before alcohol can be purchased from bottle shops. More information can be found here in The Austrlian.