PIE - Pschologically Informed Environments

Excellent summary of what a PIE is on St. Mungo's Broadway website:

'St Mungo's Broadway is actively developing work on Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs) across a diverse range of housing projects.

What is a PIE? A short definition would be that:

'if you asked a member of staff why they were doing something, they could answer in terms of the psychological and emotional wellbeing of the client(s)'. It supports our work with homeless people with complex trauma.

At heart the approach is enabling;

For our clients, it recognises and employs the potential for change in all of us, helping the contemplation that change is possible and the support to try. To help bring about such change, it provides emotional safety, the development of trust, a greater understanding of one's behaviour and relationships with others in a genuine way, alongside a sense of community and interdependency.
For staff and services, it affords the inclination, capacity and opportunity to reflect and develop awareness and skills that are psychologically informed. It builds resilience in coping with the emotional impact of demanding work, enhances understanding of that work and informs the team's practice.
PIEs will have reflective and dynamic 'team' approach, training to develop psychologically minded staff, supervision by clinically trained psychotherapists, innovative client co-production, client access to formal psychotherapy and personalisation.'