ACE (Addiction Companion Edinburgh)

App which provides addiction support discretely and conveniently when required:

'HEALTH – Challenge 1

How to make it possible for people who have been supported by Council services to stay safe

People who have been able to change their behavior through alcohol and drug services, or offender and domestic abuse programmes, need to be able to maintain these changes long term.  People often have paper based material, such as text and images, to remind them of the learning and changes they made on the programme. However this material cannot easily be carried around or used discreetly. A tool that people can always have with them, and use instantly at times of high risk or stress, would be much more effective.

Winner:  ACE :  In Edinburgh there is a number of support services for those recovering from addiction. A key feature in addiction recovery is the ability to maintain your sobriety. The introduction of technology could provide a new kind of support that can be available as and when needed. The provision of the EdAReA app will help those trying to help themselves, whilst working in conjunction with Edinburgh services.'